There is no more dramatic or memorable way to communicate a message than events that open the eyes, ears, hearts and minds of an enthralled audience. At Butterfly Ltd., we create an emotive, unforgettable experience that creates buzz, injects momentum into a campaign and leaves the participant with a fuller understanding of the client’s message.

Whether you are looking to enhance your internal or external communications with a conference, award ceremony, product launch, road show, or brand experience in one city, Butterfly Ltd. works with hugely talented people to create, manage and deliver joined-up, innovative events solutions that deliver optimum results.

There’s much more to events than finding the right venue and soundtrack, and that’s where Butterfly Communication’s expertise shines through. We partner and guide our client from the outset, from crafting a credible concept, to ensuring we remain on-brand and on-message, to targeting the appropriate audience, creating and executing an effective strategy, supporting the event with a strategic communication plan, and finally evaluating the whole campaign.


At Butterfly Communications, we’re dynamic, passionate, meticulous and hands-on. We are innovative, flexible, accountable and accessible. We focus on delivering real business benefits and giving the best value for money. We reflect these attributes in every project we undertake. That is why some of the most established companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors trust us to manage all of their event needs.